Welcome to GEAUX FOR IT. A blog about life, love, laughter, and business.

I am a Purpose-Driven Visionary who is also a writer.a speaker.a photographer.an artist.an investor.a PR & Marketing Pro.

I write about topics that pique my curiosity, uplift lives, and shift business perspectives.


Public Relations & Marketing Services

I offer innovative strategies to build brand awareness.Please visit BayouBrandBuilders.com for more information.

Writing, Editing and Publishing Services

RWG Writes provides ghostwriting services and three levels of editorial services (proofreading, grammar, and content) to aspiring authors. We offer publishing services on a case-by-case basis. Click the Writing and Editing Services tab for more info.


I am a Toastmaster who enjoys helping others find their purpose and passion. I was fortunate to discover my purpose at an early age. I continue to discover new facets of that purpose as I navigate life. I would love to share my story. If you’re interested in booking me to speak, complete the contact form.

Photography and Custom Artwork

Every now and then I feel like painting or taking photos; I keep some and sell some to benefit individuals impacted by poverty. Please view the gallery or contact me for more information.

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