The Dark Sky Hides the Moon

The sky is the darkest black. It became darker as my soulmate shared his soul with me. The soul he tucks beneath his heart that is often unreachable. He shared his soul with me, and I felt his pain. His anger. His loss. I caught his tears. I made his sorrows my own. I feel… Continue reading

Floating on Faith by Ronni Walker

I have fallen back in love with swimming after avoiding it for several years. I lost interest in swimming when my daughter almost drowned in our backyard swimming pool. For years, the pool sat quietly beneath the oak trees. I never told anyone, but that incident shook me to my core because for a split… Continue reading

Today is My Birthday by RWG

Today is my birthday. I woke up with waves in my belly Joel Osteen on my tele Talkin’ ‘bout “Jesus is the way!”   Today is my birthday. I have lines on my face A heart full of grace I kind of like the story between the lines.   Today is my birthday. My smile… Continue reading

Waiting Until Dawn by Ronni Walker-Glasper

Waiting is such a powerful word. Behind waiting is FAITH. TRUST. HOPE. LOVE. All the words that give waiting POWER. So many times I have tried to wait for HIM to move, but I decided to go for it on my own. I fail every time because I am nothing outside of HIM. In HIM,… Continue reading

Friendship by Ronni Walker-Glasper

Friendship   I’ve lost a close friend I didn’t see the end There’s no time to amend No money to spend I’m not motivated to begin My life.   I want to drink gin Don’t want to offend Or commit a sin Alone in my den Searching for someone to mend My heart.   Toss… Continue reading

The Blood Type Diet by Kathleen Simon

The Blood Type Diet Kathleen Simon Considering a new diet? Perhaps you’ve done your homework. You’ve read countless internet articles and binged on enough diet related YouTube videos you feel like a bonafide authority on ‘going raw vegan’ or adopting the paleo diet. Truth be told, hundreds of dietary theories abound. Apparently, there’s no one-size-fits-all… Continue reading


In today’s competitive market, almost everyone is searching for the best deal. Why not? It seems perfectly logical to get the best “bang for your buck.” The old adage, “You get what you pay for.” is especially true when it comes to website development. Moreover, you’re taking a huge risk when you do business with… Continue reading

Come Down South for the Best Fried Chicken

I hung up my pesco-vegetarian sash to savor the taste of the one of the best fried chicken recipes in the U.S. I knew I would struggle with my pescetarian lifestyle when I moved back to Louisiana, but I didn’t know I would lose the battle so soon. While driving through the French Quarter in… Continue reading

He is … She is… by Rhonda Walker-Glasper

He rises with the moon. She rises with the sun. He is asleep. She is awake. He is a quiet storm. She is an earthquake. He wakes up as says, “You wanna go for a walk.” She replies, “Babe, I’d prefer a good talk.” He begins his day by taking a run. She begins her day by praising… Continue reading