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The Dark Sky Hides the Moon

The sky is the darkest black. It became darker as my soulmate shared his soul with me. The soul he tucks beneath his heart that is often unreachable.

He shared his soul with me, and I felt his pain. His anger. His loss.

I caught his tears. I made his sorrows my own. I feel what he feels. The pain is unbearable.

Holding his tears in my hands, I asked God to guard the soul he has shared with me.

Although we are separated by distance and time, my soul is connected to his soul.

His tears are mine. His hurt is mine. When he loses, so do I. He is my soulmate.

He shared his soul with me. The weight is so heavy, but I will carry what he needs me to carry. He would do the same for me. I remember he picked me up when I was at my lowest, and he took me to the moon.  He showed me how to chase it. He was and will always be my moon-chaser.

I need him to remember that nothing will make me feel differently about the special bond we share. I’m a ride or die chick until the end of time. One day, he will rise stronger than ever and conquer the moon again with me by his side.

The sky is dark, but the moon is still there. Don’t stop chasing it, babe.

Today is My Birthday by RWG

Today is my birthday.

I woke up with waves in my belly

Joel Osteen on my tele

Talkin’ ‘bout “Jesus is the way!”


Today is my birthday.

I have lines on my face

A heart full of grace

I kind of like the story between the lines.


Today is my birthday.

My smile sits between parenthesis

Body free from disease

My smile grows with the thought of that healing.


Today is my birthday.

Within my soul is a fighter

With steps that are lighter

I’m eager to continue my journey.


Today is my birthday.

God put me here for a reason

Behind this day is a new season

Watch me rise higher and love harder.



Waiting Until Dawn by Ronni Walker-Glasper

Waiting is such a powerful word.

Behind waiting is FAITH. TRUST. HOPE. LOVE. All the words that give waiting POWER.

So many times I have tried to wait for HIM to move, but I decided to go for it on my own.

I fail every time because I am nothing outside of HIM.

In HIM, I am everything: Favored. Fearless. Faithful.


Waiting is always in opposition with impatience.

Impatience squeezes his hands around your throat until you can’t breathe.

In an attempt to break free, you lose yourself and focus on the goal of freedom.

Freedom disguises herself as shiny new things you can collect. You rename her Fortune.

Fortune becomes your friend. And eventually, she becomes your foe.

Every time I stand at the top of the mountain with pride in my pocket, I fall down to reality.

During the fall I realize I am nothing outside of HIM.

In HIM, I am everything: Brave. Bold. Beautiful.


He is there to catch me when I fall. He picks me up and mends my marks. I am whole again.

He asks me to wait for HIM to move, but I partner with impatience and move before HIM.

I fall again.

He picks me up.

I fall again.

He picks me up.

I fall.  Again!

He picks me up.


After my fall, I cry out to HIM throughout the night.

He holds me in his arms until the morning light.

My lament becomes my laughter.

My sorrow becomes my song.

My doom becomes my dawn.


I can’t keep the secret any longer.

I will shout to the world that I have accomplished nothing on my own.

But by HIS grace, I am here.

I am here.

I am here.

I am! Here.


I am ready to patiently wait upon HIS directives.

I will joyfully move in HIS timing.

Regardless of how long night lasts, I will wait.

I will wait.

I will wait.

I will. Wait!


I am waiting until dawn.

Friendship by Ronni Walker-Glasper



I’ve lost a close friend

I didn’t see the end

There’s no time to amend

No money to spend

I’m not motivated to begin

My life.


I want to drink gin

Don’t want to offend

Or commit a sin

Alone in my den

Searching for someone to mend

My heart.


Toss laundry in the bin

While hiding from kin

Banging on my door with baked hen

Oh, that’s my neighbor, Fynn

I refuse to let him in

My soul.


Pick up a pen

Count to ten

In search of zen

Can’t call Jen

She’s in Japan spending yen—

My story.


Search my phone for a friend

On whom I can depend

Who is willing to suspend

Without talking about men

Who refuse to comprehend

My womanhood.


Open the book

That sits on the nook

The words inside

Make me swallow my pride

I call my lost friend with something sincere.

My apology.

Come Down South for the Best Fried Chicken

I hung up my pesco-vegetarian sash to savor the taste of the one of the best fried chicken recipes in the U.S. I knew I would struggle with my pescetarian lifestyle when I moved back to Louisiana, but I didn’t know I would lose the battle so soon. While driving through the French Quarter in New Orleans, I thought about the wonderful aroma that embraced me the first time I stepped inside Willie Mae’s Scotch House. I realized that Willie Mae’s had become synonymous with the Big Easy (aka New Orleans).

I decided to schedule my next business meeting at Willie Mae’s because I could hardly wait to feel the warmth of that Creole embrace again.  Needless to say, this was a fantastic business decision that allowed me to gain new business and fill the void of my no-chicken diet that I endured for the past 12 months. I was thrilled when my client agreed to the meeting place, and I was more excited to introduce him to a life-changing meal that he would always remember. It would be the same meal that caused Andrew Zimmerman’s eyes to roll to the back of his head.

My heart skipped several beats when we drove up to the St. Ann Street location in the 6th ward—a few blocks away from the Historic Tremé neighborhood.  As you can see in the photos, the exterior is not the most appealing, but it’s what’s behind the door that captures your heart.

Willie Mae's St. Ann

The moment you walk in; you feel the unparalleled Louisiana hospitality that makes you believe you’re in the right place for good food. The sweet and spicy aroma dancing around your face causes the crowd to dissipate.  The genuine smiles from the waiters and waitresses overpower the noisy chatter of hungry patrons. While standing in the waiting area, you not only feel the energy of satisfied customers who are leaving, but also the energy of the famous people from the past who stood where you stand and who sat where you will sit.

Willie Mae Seaton opened a bar in 1957 that eventually transitioned to a full-service restaurant in the early 70s where she showcased her passion for cooking and her passion for people.  Her savory Southern-Fried chicken became the star of the show that has brought national attention to one of New Orleans’ best-kept secrets. The original Willie Mae’s restaurant is tucked neatly between the streets that tourists don’t travel on typically; at least not until the restaurant was featured on the Food Network. Today, her great-granddaughter runs the show and is sometimes there to greet the line of eager customers that extends around the building waiting for their place at one of the 10 tables coveted by both tourists and locals.

The menu is simple, but comprises flavorful foods that make you fall in love at first taste.  I ordered the fried chicken with a side of creamy red beans and corn muffins. The chicken does not require much chewing because it melts in your mouth. It’s tossed around in a special family batter that creates the perfect combination of juicy and crispiness coupled with flavor that tap dances on your tongue with each bite. I’ve traveled across the United States, and I’ve tasted a variety of fried chicken. Willie Mae’s is by far the best fried chicken I’ve eaten.

Willie Maes Fried Chicken

I’m grateful to Ms. Willie Mae for sharing her wonderful recipe with the world, and I’m thankful for her great-granddaughter, Kerry, and her willingness to carry on the tradition. This chicken is so good, it’s hard to leave. My client and I were asked to leave because they needed to seat customers who were patiently waiting in the rain. Yep, it is that good.

Don’t bother asking for the recipe because I ask every time I visit.  They laugh and say, “Come back to see us.”  If you are in the New Orleans area, you must GEAUX to one of the two locations—St. Ann Street or St. Charles Avenue in the French Quarter.

He is … She is… by Rhonda Walker-Glasper

He rises with the moon. She rises with the sun.

He is asleep. She is awake. He is a quiet storm. She is an earthquake.

He wakes up as says, “You wanna go for a walk.” She replies, “Babe, I’d prefer a good talk.”

He begins his day by taking a run. She begins her day by praising the Son.

He heads for the shower to take a scrub. She ends her prayer and heads for the tub.

He sits at the table and orders, “Long Island Iced-Tea.” She smiles at the waiter and says, “Water for me.”

He stops chasing the moon. She stops chasing the sun.

 He comes home early. She stays out late. He starts reading the Word. She starts believing in fate.

He enters a room and lights it with his smile. She hides in his shadow while mourning the death of their child.

He becomes vulnerable. She becomes conquerable. He loses his inner-boy. She loses her inner-joy.

He finds FAITH and learns to be strong. She finds FAULT and focuses on what’s wrong.

He doubts his love for her as he journeys through life. She has second thoughts about being his wife.

He welcomes the sun. She embraces the moon.

He realizes he is the yen to her yang. She’s okay with saying “thing” and with him saying “thang.”

He turns over in bed and says, “Hi, babe. You wanna talk.” She touches his cheek and says, “No, let’s walk.”

He presses through life as a hurricane. She stands quietly in the wind and dances in the rain.

He bends down to pray forgetting all pride. She finds her place right by his side.
He is the deer. She is the fawn. He is dusk. She is dawn.