Friendship by Ronni Walker-Glasper



I’ve lost a close friend

I didn’t see the end

There’s no time to amend

No money to spend

I’m not motivated to begin

My life.


I want to drink gin

Don’t want to offend

Or commit a sin

Alone in my den

Searching for someone to mend

My heart.


Toss laundry in the bin

While hiding from kin

Banging on my door with baked hen

Oh, that’s my neighbor, Fynn

I refuse to let him in

My soul.


Pick up a pen

Count to ten

In search of zen

Can’t call Jen

She’s in Japan spending yen—

My story.


Search my phone for a friend

On whom I can depend

Who is willing to suspend

Without talking about men

Who refuse to comprehend

My womanhood.


Open the book

That sits on the nook

The words inside

Make me swallow my pride

I call my lost friend with something sincere.

My apology.