He is … She is… by Rhonda Walker-Glasper

He rises with the moon. She rises with the sun.

He is asleep. She is awake. He is a quiet storm. She is an earthquake.

He wakes up as says, “You wanna go for a walk.” She replies, “Babe, I’d prefer a good talk.”

He begins his day by taking a run. She begins her day by praising the Son.

He heads for the shower to take a scrub. She ends her prayer and heads for the tub.

He sits at the table and orders, “Long Island Iced-Tea.” She smiles at the waiter and says, “Water for me.”

He stops chasing the moon. She stops chasing the sun.

 He comes home early. She stays out late. He starts reading the Word. She starts believing in fate.

He enters a room and lights it with his smile. She hides in his shadow while mourning the death of their child.

He becomes vulnerable. She becomes conquerable. He loses his inner-boy. She loses her inner-joy.

He finds FAITH and learns to be strong. She finds FAULT and focuses on what’s wrong.

He doubts his love for her as he journeys through life. She has second thoughts about being his wife.

He welcomes the sun. She embraces the moon.

He realizes he is the yen to her yang. She’s okay with saying “thing” and with him saying “thang.”

He turns over in bed and says, “Hi, babe. You wanna talk.” She touches his cheek and says, “No, let’s walk.”

He presses through life as a hurricane. She stands quietly in the wind and dances in the rain.

He bends down to pray forgetting all pride. She finds her place right by his side.
He is the deer. She is the fawn. He is dusk. She is dawn.