The Dark Sky Hides the Moon

The sky is the darkest black. It became darker as my soulmate shared his soul with me. The soul he tucks beneath his heart that is often unreachable.

He shared his soul with me, and I felt his pain. His anger. His loss.

I caught his tears. I made his sorrows my own. I feel what he feels. The pain is unbearable.

Holding his tears in my hands, I asked God to guard the soul he has shared with me.

Although we are separated by distance and time, my soul is connected to his soul.

His tears are mine. His hurt is mine. When he loses, so do I. He is my soulmate.

He shared his soul with me. The weight is so heavy, but I will carry what he needs me to carry. He would do the same for me. I remember he picked me up when I was at my lowest, and he took me to the moon.  He showed me how to chase it. He was and will always be my moon-chaser.

I need him to remember that nothing will make me feel differently about the special bond we share. I’m a ride or die chick until the end of time. One day, he will rise stronger than ever and conquer the moon again with me by his side.

The sky is dark, but the moon is still there. Don’t stop chasing it, babe.